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Endorsed By The Spring Branch Republicans For The 2012 Runoff

I'm proud to be endorsed by the great people of the Spring Branch Republicans

spring branch republicans endorse carl pittman carl pittmans news and press releases

Carl Pittman Plans Civilian Firearm Training Program For Women With Concealed Handgun Licenses And For Those Women Who Simply Want To Be Ready To Defend Themselves In Their Homes.

In a continuing move towards public safety, Republican Candidate for Harris County Sheriff Carl Pittman has pledged when elected to create a new program dedicated towards training women to be better prepared to protect themselves. Carl Pittman is a strong constitutionalist and a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and believes that every law abiding Texan should be armed and trained to use their weapon.

A.W.A.R.E. (Armed Women Ready to Engage) will be specifically geared towards providing a weapons training program for women who hold a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) and for those women who simply want to be ready to defend themselves in their homes. The program will be taught by certified sheriff’s range deputies. The sheriff’s training facility in the Atascocita area will be the training site, this facility while primarily used for law enforcement belongs to the taxpayers and Carl believes that. The course will include weapon safety, cleaning and marksmanship training. Those successfully completing the course will be certified by the Sheriff!

Area gun dealers will be invited to sponsor this program and have their products available for the students to test and purchase. Carl Pittman believes that an armed and trained community is a safer community.

carl pittmans news and press releases

Candidate for Harris County Sheriff Carl Pittman Responds To The Unconstitutional Mandates Of NDAA

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012 was signed into United States law on December 31, 2011, by President Barack Obama. The most controversial provisions to receive wide attention are contained in Title X, Subtitle D, entitled "Counter-Terrorism." In particular, sub- sections 1021 and 1022, which deal with detention of persons the government suspects of involvement in terrorism, have generated controversy as to their legal meaning and their potential implications for abuse of Presidential authority. The bill passed the House by a vote 283 to 136. A federal court issued an order blocking the indefinite detention powers of the NDAA for American citizens on the grounds of unconstitutionality.

I am not going to attempt to cite the entire act; however the point is the federal government through these types of actions is clearly demonstrating a mindset of passing legislation that is in violation of the U.S. Constitution. The founding fathers clearly framed the Constitution to protect against these types of over reaches by the government.

As the elected Sheriff of Harris County I would remain watchful for these types of constitutional violations and will never enforce any unconstitutional mandate on the citizens of this county.

The sheriff of the county is the highest "elected" law enforcement officer in the county and only answers to those who elect him. I will not stand by and allow an over reaching federal government to simply impose its will upon the citizens of this county. As the Sheriff I have the authority to raise a posse to assist me in protecting the county and I will do just that. It is one of the goals for my first year in office is to raise a 2000 member posse of Harris County citizens. There will be a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and training for that group.

The provisions contained within the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 are startling. I could never imagine an American citizen being held indefinitely because the federal government suspects them of being what, "anti-obama"? What happened to due process? In 1981 as a United States Marine I took an oath to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies foriegn and domestic. The oath I took had no expiration date. I will continue to uphold that oath as I always have. We cannot allow the assaults currently on this great republic of ours to continue.

We must also look at other federal agencies such as the TSA. I will not allow any unconstitutional actions on the part of any federal agency inside the boundaries of Harris County to go unchecked. I will as the elected Sheriff expel any federal authority from the county who violates the constitution and will arrest them if necessary. Most Sheriffs don't even know the bounds of their authority - well I do. A TSA agent who takes a frisk too far would be subject to arrest as long as there is a viable complainant as is required in most other State of Texas criminal offenses. I am offended as a father to a twelve year old girl to the behavior of the TSA under the guise of safety, The founding fathers never intended for Americans to be subjected to this. Federal officers are not exempt from the obeying the law. If we continue to give up our liberties in the name of safety, we will soon have neither liberty or safety.

I'm asking you to stand with me, and if feel the same way as I do, please consider making a donation to this campaign.

carl pittmans news and press releases

Carl Pittman Responds To His Opponent's Lies

Fellow Conservatives,

It is disheartening that the level of horrific lies, half-truths and deceit emanating from my opponent’s campaign and his supporters has risen to such a level that I now no longer can ignore them for the dishonesty they are. These untruthful, negative attacks not only have been spread freely about me, but have personally attacked my family. The unfounded and untrue negative attacks the Louis Guthrie campaign has engaged in are an all-time low for Harris County Republicans.

Louis Guthrie's campaign and specifically his campaign coordinator, Candice Schwager, have for months made outrageous allegations. To cite just one example of these lies, she was quoted in the Houston Press as saying that I “strangled and killed” someone. Not only is that outrageous to begin with, but the person she alleged was killed is still alive. That libelous statement has yet to be denounced by Louis Guthrie.

Candice Schwager is the President and Chairman of the Board of a purported non-profit organization, “Attorneys For Special Needs Children”, of which she claims Louis Guthrie is the largest donor. She posts articles on that corporation’s website personally attacking me. That doesn’t appear to be a legitimate purpose for a corporation that says it is a non-profit to specifically support a political candidate while disparaging his opponent. To make it even more egregious, her non-profit corporation hasn’t existed for months as its charter has been revoked by the State of Texas. That does not seem to matter to Mrs. Schwager.

Numerous websites have popped up and then disappeared only to reappear later to spread more lies. Conveniently, no one has the courage to admit to being the perpetrator of authoring these libelous websites, but we have good reason to believe that members of my opponent’s campaign have orchestrated these nefarious moves. It is appalling the lengths to which they have gone in attempting to sully my good name. I am a Criminal Investigator in the Harris County Sheriff's Office and have a 19 year record in law enforcement I am proud of.

I thank you for your time, support and friendship. I will work for the safety of our families, will take a tough stand on illegal immigration and will implement a zero based budget in the Sheriff's office. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has personally endorsed me in this race and I guarantee you that I have been fully vetted by him. I will be the leader the Sheriff's Office needs and I will not back down, because I have the truth on my side.

Carl Pittman

carl pittmans news and press releases

Don't Miss These Important Debates

Tues. 6/19/12 Greater Houston Pachyderm - 11:30 am - 2:00 pm
Tues. 6/19/12 Clear Lake Area Republicans - 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Tues. 7/10/12 Republican Hispanic's In Action Fratelli's - 1330 Wirt Rd. 6:30 pm

carl pittmans news and press releases

Join Us For The "Carl Pittman for Harris County Sheriff - Election Night Watch Party"

Come and join Carl and Kristi Pittman and watched the results of the Harris County Republican Party primary results come in.

Sandtrap Grill 7900 North Sam Houston Parkway West, Houston, TX - Tuesday, May 29, 2012 starting at 6:30pm

carl pittmans news and press releases

Montie Watkins, SREC SD-15, Endorses Carl Pittman for Harris County Sheriff

Carl Pittman is honored to receive the important endorsement of State Republican Executive Committeewoman Montie Watkins. Montie Watkins is a strong conservative leader who has proven her commitment to electing conservatives.

Montie Watkins continues to add to an impressive list of grassroots Republican activists who are endorsing Carl Pittman for Harris County Sheriff. As Sheriff, Carl Pittman's background as a United States Marine, management experience and solid law enforcement credentials will bring professional leadership to the Harris County Sheriff's Office.carl pittmans news and press releases

Rex Teter, SREC SD-6, Endorses Carl Pittman for Sheriff

Carl Pittman is honored to enter the holiday season with the influential endorsement of of State Republican Executive Committeeman Rex Teter. Teter is a dedicated Republican volunteer and Pasadena precinct chair working for conservative values. Rex is committed to the community, working as an elementary school music teacher and serving as a preacher at the First Christian Church of La Maqrue. Teter has seen Carl Pittman roll up his sleeves and work hard for local Republican causes over the past few years. This includes Carl's support of a number of area Republican and Tea Party clubs and organizations as well as his chairmanship of the Harris County Republican Party Local Law Enforcement Committee.

Rex Teter represents Senate District 6 in the Texas Republican Party's Executive Committee. Senate District 6 includes portions of southeast and east Houston, Pasadena, the Houston Ship Channel, Baytown, Aldine and portions of the Washington Avenue corridor. Rex is dedicated to conservatives winning at the ballot box and makes sure the Texas Republican Party runs efficiently and achieves electoral success. Rex Teter serves as Chaplain and newsletter editor for the San Jacinto Republican Women's Club, further expressing his dedication to conservative causes southeast Harris County.

Rex Teter adds to a long and growing list of grassroots Republican activists and volunteers supporting Carl Pittman for Sheriff. Carl Pittman is honored to have her endorsement and looks forward to meeting with other like-minded Republican leaders.

carl pittmans news and press releases

Glenda Bowles, SREC SD-6, Endorses Carl Pittman for Sheriff

Carl Pittman is honored to earn the endorsement of State Republican Executive Committeewoman Glenda Bowles. Glenda Bowles is a dedicated Republican volunteer and activist, championing conservative values. Bowles commented on Carl Pittman's law enforcement and military service, dating back to 1981. As Sheriff, Carl Pittman's strong background in law enforcement and management will bring about safer neighborhoods for Harris County.

Glenda Bowles represents Senate District 6 in the Texas Republican Party's Executive Committee. Senate District 6 includes portions of southeast and east Houston, Pasadena, the Houston Ship Channel, Baytown, Aldine and portions of the Washington Avenue corridor. Glenda is dedicated to conservatives winning at the ballot box and makes sure the Texas Republican Party runs efficiently and achieves electoral success.

Glenda Bowles adds to a long and growing list of grassroots Republican activists and volunteers supporting Carl Pittman for Sheriff. Carl Pittman is honored to have her endorsement and looks forward to meeting with other like-minded Republican leaders.

carl pittmans news and press releases

Join Us For The First Block Walk Of The Campaign

Join us next weekend for the first block walk of the campaign! Get your walking shoes and help spread the word! We will be meeting on Saturday, December 3 at 10:00 A.M. - Cafe Express (210 Meyerland Plaza Mall). We will also be walking in northwest Houston on Sunday, December 4 at 2:00 P.M. - meet us at Starbucks Coffee, 1206 West 43rd Street (Kroger shopping center on 43rd and Ella, just east of 290). Let us know if you can make it! The weather forecast is calling for a picture perfect weekend.

carl pittmans news and press releases

Carl Pittman Files for Harris County Sheriff

carl pittman for harris county sheriff

Carl Pittman filed today for a position on the Republican Party ballot for Harris County Sheriff. Joined by friends and supporters, Pittman returned the necessary paperwork to secure a place on the ballot at Harris County Republican Party Headquarters. Today is the first day of filing for the March 6, 2012 Republican Primary Election.

While filing opened today, Pittman has been actively campaigning for the position for 29 months. Having spent significant time meeting Harris County voters and listening to their concerns regarding local law enforcement, county spending and public safety, Pittman has proposed a clear set of goals for the Harris County Sheriff Office. Carl Pittman also points to his experience as a United States Marine, small business owner and Harris County Sheriff's deputy as his qualifications to become the county's top law enforcement official.

“I look forward to speaking with more of my fellow Republican primary voters over the course of the next three months,” Pittman said. “During that time, I will work hard to spread my vision for the Harris County Sheriff's Office. This includes cutting crime, making sure our jails aren't over crowded and bringing some common sense, conservative solutions to our illegal immigration problem.”

Pittman is running on a clear, conservative platform of tackling Harris County's out of control illegal immigration problem, cutting the office's bloated budget and placing more deputies on patrol in our neighborhoods. Pittman will work to make sure our businesses, families and seniors are safer while saving tax payer dollars.

Major supporters of Carl Pittman include legendary Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, known for his tent city jail and “get tough” approach to crime and illegal immigration. Sheriff Arpaio visited Harris County earlier this year to show his support for Pittman. Additionally, Carl Pittman is endorsed by a number of local Republican leaders, including Republican Senate District Chairs Alice Rekeweg, Stanley Briers, Mona Lisa Chambers and Marvin Clede; State Republican Executive Committee Members Sheryl Berg, Dennis Paul, Bonnie Lugo, Josh Flynn, Bruce Campbell and over sixty hard working Harris County Republican Precinct Chairs.

Carl Pittman is a life-long small government, pro-family conservative, and a native of the Houston area. Pittman serves as the chairman of the Harris County Republican Party Local Law Enforcement Committee and is a member of a number of Republican clubs and organizations throughout the county. Carl Pittman is married to his wife, Kristi, and resides in Katy.

carl pittmans news and press releases

Alice Rekeweg , Republican Senate District 4 Chairwoman, Endorses Carl Pittman For Sheriff, kicking off the holidays with an important Kingwood area endorsement

Carl Pittman is honored to earn the endorsement of Republican Senate District 4 Chairwoman Alice Rekeweg. Rekeweg cities Carl Pittman's leadership and United States Marines background as reason to elect Carl as the next Harris County Sheriff.

Alice Rekeweg has been an outspoken advocate for Republican and military causes in Kingwood and throughout Harris County. Rekeweg is a Patriot Guard Rider. This organization attends military funerals, welcomes troops home from abroad and provides patriotic send-offs for military families requesting their assistance. Alice Rekewg's son, David, serves proudly with the United States Marines. Rekeweg is a member of Blue Star Moms, an organization supporting families with sons and daughters serving abroad. Politically, Alice Rekeweg serves the Kingwood area as a strong political leader, Senate District Chair and active volunteer, helping precinct chairs and activists ensure Republican success. Rekeweg is also active within the Kingwood Republican Women's Club.

Rekeweg's endorsement further shows the confidence placed in Carl Pittman by Republican leaders and grassroots activists throughout the county. As Sheriff, Carl Pittman pledges to bring fiscal conservatism back to Harris County, fight illegal immigration and place more deputies on patrol in our neighborhood.

carl pittmans news and press releases

Dennis Paul, SREC SD-11, Endorses Carl Pittman For Sheriff Adding to a Growing List of Southeast Harris County Republicans Backing Carl

Carl Pittman is proud to have the endorsement of both District 11 Senate Republican Executive Committee Members and SD-11 Chair Sheryl Berg. Dennis Paul's announced his endorsement this afternoon, expressing the need for Republican leadership at the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Paul represents Clear Lake, Seabrook, Pasadena and other Southeast Harris County areas at the Texas Republican Party's State Executive Committee. A dedicated conservative activist and successful businessman, Paul's endorsement is another example of the strong support Carl Pittman has received throughout Harris County. Running on a message of fiscal conservatism, tough on crime law enforcement and a crack down on illegal immigration, Carl Pittman will bring the leadership and experience we need in local law enforcement.

Contact us if you would like to join our large and growing list of supports, or get more involved in the campaign.

carl pittmans news and press releases

You're Invited To Meet Carl Pittman and Celebrate The Birthday Of The United States Marine Corp - Thursday Nov. 10th 6:00PM - 8:00PM.

You're invited to join Justin Perryman, Executive Director of the Katy Area Republicans, Kate Diehl, President of Katy Area Republicans, LaDawn Weeks, Precinct Chair 804, Lesa Trapp, Precinct Chair 618, Stuart Mayper, Precinct Chair 492, Jim McSpadden, Precinct Chair 727, Ken Koepke, Ad Mueller, Alvin Walker and Carl Pittman at Spring Creek BBQ - 21000 Katy Freeway - Katy Texas 77449, on Thursday November 10th from 6PM to 8PM.

Please RSVP 713-907-3701 or

carl pittmans news and press releases

Carl Pittman attended the Senate District 13 Houston Republican Mayoral Debate on October 12.

A special thanks to SD-13 Chair Mona Lisa Chambers for organizing this wonderful event.

mayoral debate - carl pittman for harris county judge carl pittmans news and press releases

Carl Pittman meets with Harris County Precinct Chairs

Dozens of dedicated Harris County Precinct Chairs met with Carl Pittman last week for the SD 13/17 Fiesta at Los Tios Mexican Restaurant in Meyerland Plaza. This special event was hosted by SD-17 Chairman Marvin Clede, SD-13 Chairwoman Mona Lisa Chambers and Senate Republican Executive Committee Members Bonnie Lugo and Bruce Campbell as well as many Harris County Precinct Chairs. Mona Lisa Chambers added excitement to the room, urging precinct chairs and Republican activists to spread the word about Carl's candidacy for Sheriff. Clede spoke of the importance to elect qualified and dedicated conservative candidates, especially Carl Pittman.

Carl spoke about the importance of electing a sheriff who respects and honors the American and Texas Constitutions. Carl knows this means enforcing the laws on the books and making sure the law is applied equally to everyone in Harris County.

Carl Pittman also pledged to fight crime by placing more deputies on patrol in our neighborhoods without increasing the budget. Responding to questions from Republican Precinct Chairs, Carl shared his belief that our jail should be a deterrent to criminals. This means making sure our county jail is tough and unpleasant. Reflecting on his endorsement by “America's Toughest Sheriff” Joe Arpaio, Pittman suggested introducing tough work details and fewer “frills” currently enjoyed by Harris County inmates under the current administration.

On the budget, Carl pledged to save tax payer dollars by eliminating waste in the top-heavy Harris County Sheriff's Office. Despite tough times nation wide, the Sheriff's Office Budget has bloated by 37% in recent years. Carl repeated his message of fiscal conservatism and a commitment to budget reductions without cutting front-line staff. Illegal immigration, a growing problem in our county, was also a topic for discussion. Carl Pittman shared his vision for enforcing immigration law and making sure illegal immigration's drain on public resources and it's relationship to violent crime is curbed.

A special thanks to our hosts and all who attended the Fiesta event. If you'd like to host an event, volunteer or learn more about Carl's campaign, please contact us.

carl pittmans news and press releases

Meet and Greet Hosted By Carmen Cuneo

On Sunday, September 18, Republican Precinct Chair and Rotarian Carmen Evelyn Cuneo was kind enough to open her home for a special meet and greet for Carl Pittman. Carl enjoyed meeting with Museum District/Riverside area residents and listening to their concerns and ideas for the future of the Harris County Sheriff's Office. In meeting with future constituents, Carl Pittman understands that the Harris County Sheriff's Office is the top law enforcement agency in our county. As a result, the next sheriff has the obligation to protect and serve all Harris County citizens fairly to create safer neighborhoods.

Attendees enjoyed listening to Carl Pittman speak on issues such as the office's bloated budget, illegal immigration and a shortage of deputies. Carl fielded questions regarding building better communication between citizens and law enforcement, saving taxpayer money while providing safer streets as well as insight in to what the office can do better.

A special thanks are due to Carmen Cuneo and all who attended the event. If you are interested in hosting a coffee or meet and greet in your home, please contact the campaign at

carl pittmans news and press releases

Senate District 11 Chair Stanley Briers Endorses Carl Pittman for Harris County Sheriff.

In an exciting start to the week, Stanley Briers has announced his support for Carl Pittman. Stanley Briers has served southeast Harris County as a precinct chair, Republican activist and Senate District 11 Chairman. Working hard to ensure Republican victory, Stanley Briers is a true leader in the Harris County Republican Party. Carl is honored to have received Stanley's support and endorsement. To date, Carl Pittman has earned the endorsement seven Senate District Chairs and SRECs in our county. Stanley's endorsement comes after a busy week attending the Clear Lake Republicans, King Street Patriots and many other important events.

carl pittmans news and press releases

Sheryl Berg, SREC SD-11, Endorses Carl Pittman For Sheriff of Harris County

Carl Pittman started the week with another big endorsement. Sheryl Berg, SREC for Senate District 11 announced her support and endorsement for Carl Pittman's candidacy for Harris County Sheriff. In Harris County, Berg represents Clear Lake, Seabrook, Pasadena and other Southeast Harris County areas at the Texas Republican Party's State Executive Committee. Sheryl is dedicated to conservative victory at the ballot box and making sure the Republican Party runs efficiently and wins elections. Carl is humbled and proud to have Berg's endorsement in this important race.

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Bruce Campbell, SREC SD-17 Endorses Carl Pittman

The Carl Pittman for Harris County Sheriff Campaign is proud to have recieved the endorsement of Bruce Campbell, SREC SD-17. Bruce is a hard working Republican leader, dedicated school teacher and true patriot. We know how hard our SREC, State Republican Executive Committee, members work to ensure Republican victory. We are proud to have earned this endorsement.

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Carl Pittman Secures SREC Endorsements!

The Carl Pittman, Republican for Harris County Sheriff campaign has been honored with two more big endorsements. The campaign is humbled to have the support of Bonnie Lugo, State Republican Executive Committeewoman for SD-13 and Josh Flynn, State Republican Executive Committeeman for SD-15. These endorsements highlight the strong and growing grassroots support for Carl Pittman.

Our SREC members represent Republicans in Austin at the Texas Republican Party. These individuals dedicate significant time and resources to help run, make decisions for and guide our Texas Republican Party. By making sure our state party stays focused and conservative, our SREC help ensure local and statewide electoral victory.

After receiving the endorsements of SD Chairs Marvin Clede and Mona Lisa Chambers last week, Carl Pittman is honored to list Bonnie Lugo and Josh Flynn to the growing list of local party leaders backing our bid to return the Sheriff's office to the Republican column.

carl pittmans news and press releases

Carl Pittman Announces Senate District Chair Endorsements!

In an exciting development for the Carl Pittman for Harris County Sheriff Campaign, two Harris County Republican Senate District Chairpersons have endorsed Carl. Reflecting on our need to return the Sheriff's Office back to the Republican column and restore responsible conservative government to Harris County, Marvin Clede, SD-17 and Mona Lisa Chambers, SD-13 have proudly expressed their support for Carl Pittman.

Carl is humbled to have secured these very meaningful endorsements. Our Senate District Chairs work hard to make sure Republicans achieve electoral success in our county. Their role includes helping recruit and train precinct chairmen and women, provide grassroots leadership for conservative causes and help keep our local party organized, motivated and working toward victory at the ballot box.

Carl Pittman is the only candidate for Sheriff who has outlined a plan to cut the budget while placing more deputies on patrol in our neighborhoods. He is the only candidate who has expressed concern and proposed solutions to our growing illegal immigration and human trafficking problem in the county and the only sheriff candidate with the military, police and private sector experience needed to lead our county's largest law enforcement agency.

carl pittmans news and press releases

Carl Pittman SD13/SD17 Fiesta

Please join Marvin Clede - SD-17 Chair, Mona Lisa Chambers - SD-13 Chair, Henry Dibrell - Precinct Chair, Kelly Horsley - Precinct Chair, Stuart Mayper - Precinct Chair, Rhonda Omberg - Precinct Chair, Lesa Trap - Precinct Chair, Eric Weinmann - Precinct Chair and Carl Pittman for the "Carl Pittman for Harris County Sheriff Senate District 13/17 FIESTA."

6:00PM – 8:30 PM, Thursday September 15th at Los Tios Restaurant. Los Tios is located at 4840 Beechnut, Houston 77096.

Enjoy complimentary nachos, taquitos and quesadillas; cash bar and great fun!

carl pittmans news and press releases

Carl Pittman Addresses Burgeoning Human Trafficking Crime In Harris County

Pittman pledges to fight ignored and dangerous slave and prostitution industry

HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS – Carl Pittman, Republican candidate for Harris County Sheriff, addressed the need to fight the human trafficking problem plaguing Harris County. Human trafficking, the modern day slave trade, uses Harris County as its hub of operations and are often run by illegal immigrants importing other illegal immigrants to serve as sex workers. Harris County's ease of access to Asia and Latin America have made its location attractive for such criminal activities. Pittman pledged to deliver the leadership needed to combat and prevent the human slave trade in Harris County and deliver safety and rule of law to the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Harris County is plagued with underground brothels, causing harm to communities and the victims of these horrific crimes. “If you drive down any major thoroughfare in the county, you will notice store fronts with blacked out windows and security cameras,” Pittman said. “Some claim to be 24 hour spas or modeling studios, but the truth is that they harbor a dangerous and immoral criminal element.”

Illegal immigrants from around the world, using models based upon brothels in Mexico and Asia, flock to Harris County to open brothels, often in the most economically depressed neighborhoods. Human traffickers coerce young women, many of whom are minors, into entering the United States illegally, promising a lucrative career. However, the young women and girls are trapped in a life of prostitution. The Houston Chronicle discovered in 2008 an illegal brothel at the 7900 block of Clinton Drive. Illegal immigrant Gerardo Salazar held young women, many of whom as young as 16, captive in a small bar. Bar patrons would engage in prostitution in a warehouse behind the bar, netting Salazar $50 per transaction[1]. Girls are unwilling to call authorities, citing fear of retribution for betraying their dangerous captures.

Despite the horrific abuse of human traffickers in Harris County, the current authorities have not worked to end this abusive nightmare. Judicial watch indicates illegal immigrant brothel owners such as Maria Rojas operated two brothels, La Costenita and El Club Restaurante in Houston. Over the past five years, local law enforcement logged 60 inbound complaints about the two brothels, resulting in 12 arrests for prostitution, 20 cases of assault, including four shootings and a narcotics arrest[2].

Local law enforcement refused to enforced the law. The brothels remained open, despite awareness of Rojas and her business partners' undocumented immigration status.

“This open mockery of the law cannot be tolerated,” Pittman commented. “Local law enforcement has a duty to protect and serve.”

1 Lise Olsen. Houston Chronicle. “Bars that were Bases for Sex Ring Still Open for Business” 7 September 2008.

Pittman highlighted his plans for battling human sex trafficking after winning the Harris County Sheriff's Office. Pittman outlined his plan, aimed at ridding the county of its blemished record on the human slave trade. His proposal includes:

  • Expanding the federal 287(g) program in Harris County to fight illegal immigration and make deportation of human sex traffickers faster and less bureaucratic
  • Expanding VICE programs aimed at busting the illegal prostitution trade by finding savings in the office's bloated budget
  • Stop adhering to sanctuary city policies which turn a blind eye to the growing human sex slave industry
  • Refocus the Harris County Sheriff's Office on law enforcement and not personal politics

Sadly, local officers and deputies are aware of the sex-trade but are forbidden from addressing the problem due to counter productive top-down policies of the current administration. Pittman will provide the tough on crime leadership needed to fight this dangerous practice. As sheriff, Pittman will work for justice, ensuring the office is focused on stopping and preventing this dangerous industry and blight on the county.

carl pittmans news and press releases

On Saturday, June 4, Carl Pittman hosted "A Gathering of Patriots" in Humble

Hundreds of supporters enjoyed barbecue, a live band and exciting speeches. Joe Arpaio, "America's Toughest Sheriff" from Phoenix, Arizona was the featured guest rallying the crowd to support Carl Pittman. Arpaio pledged his support for Carl and said Pittman is the right man for the job. Arpaio is renowned for his tent city jail, tough on illegal immigration approach and focus on enforcing the law. Other speakers included former boarder security patrolman Ignacio Ramos, local talk radio host Michael Berry and others.

Carl Pittman reiterated the need of local law enforcement to enforce the law fairly, fight illegal immigration and put more deputies on patrol in our neighborhoods.

carl pittmans news and press releases

Harris County Sheriff Candidate Is Taking Fundraising To New Heights

We’ve all seen political fundraising auctions before. Gift baskets, watches, and tickets to events are the norm, but Republican candidate for Harris County Sheriff, Carl Pittman, is blowing the doors off of traditional fundraisers by auctioning flights in an L-29 Delphin fighter jet trainer to the highest bidder.

Aviation enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies take note – The jet’s owner and pilot has even agreed to allow the winning bidder to take the stick and pilot this cold war classic if they are a licensed and meet his skill requirements. This is an opportunity for one lucky bidder to have the ride of their life. READ MORE...

carl pittmans news and press releases

2012 Primary Election Season Kicks Off with Carl Pittman Announcing His Candidacy for Harris County Sheriff

This week we swore in a new Speaker of the US House of Representatives signaling the end of the historic 2010 election process and the return of Congress to the People. Now it may be time to begin looking forward to the 2012 Primary Season and look for strong conservative candidates to fill seats held by Democrats and undependable Republicans. This weekend, Carl Pittman will announce his candidacy for Harris County Sheriff to unseat Democrat Incumbent Adrian Garcia at a fund raising event on Sunday afternoon at the Steamboat House Steakhouse on North Sam Houston Parkway. Read more here...

carl pittmans news and press releases

Criminal Investigator Carl Pittman Visits The Spring Klein Chamber of Commerce To Discuss Business Safety

From Marchel Peterson, Spring TX Real Estate E-Pro -

I attended the Spring Klein chamber luncheon today. Our speaker was Carl Pittman a Criminal Investigator/Deputy Sheriff at Harris County Sheriff's Office. He spoke to us about business safety.

He started out asking if there's was any CSI watcher's in the room. Of course a bunch of hands went up. He went on to say it is television; crimes are not solved in 38 minutes. As a criminal investigator he wants to make sure that he has solid evidence to make the most solid case possible so criminals are locked up for a long time. READ MORE...

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